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Ocean Kayaking

Ocean Kayaking

Nature enthusiasts who have experienced the incomparable thrill of ocean kayaking, owe themselves the additional pleasure of mothership adventuring. We pioneered the concept in the early 80’s. Our annual explorations have taken us from the West Coast to the heart of the Raincoast. Kayakers of all ages enjoy the peace, quiet and solitude unique to explorations along the intertidal zones, kelp beds and shoal waters, accessible only by kayak.

Some advantages of mothership eco- exploration: Each night finds us in a new location…our own secluded cove. Hot showers, delicious meals, warm beds, paddling a kayak at greater speed ladened only with camera, snacks and safety gear. Beach landings are fun. Dangerous crossings / crowded campsites don’t exist. No campsite to set up at the end of the day, no bears to worry about as you settle into your comfortable berth aboard the mothership. Bear watching on our cruises is done from the safety of our kayaks or our rigid inflatable, not from peering out from behind your tent flap.

Lunchtime picnic options add variety to Sonia’s delicious packed lunches. Fresh caught, steamed Dungeness crab, oysters, clams, mussels, or the catch of the day make your fun paddle even more rewarding.

We carry two Seaward 21 ft. Passat doubles and a 17 ft. Seaward Navigator single. An 18 ft. Necky Amaruk double is also available if needed. Your skipper has ocean kayaked the BC coast for over 30 years and will assist in planning your choice of paddle exploration. We love to paddle, wherever it may be.

Young Kayakers
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Kayaking in the Broughton Archipeligo

Mothership kayaking in British Columbia