Bear Watching

Bear Watching

Migrating salmon species, returning to their natal streams, are essential to the survival of the bear and the entire forest eco-system along our 16,000km coastline.

Witness grizzly sows teaching their cubs Lyngby's Sedge and Lily root foraging techniques. Capture frame-filling shots of boars dueling over territorial fishing rights or sharpening the angling skills necessary to sustain them through coastal winters.

We observe these animals from the mothership, inflatable or kayaks, depending upon locale and circumstances. A respectful distance is maintained, never intruding upon their space. Telescopic lenses on digital / video cameras enhance trophy photo-ops.

River estuaries are the locales of choice for bear watching, often at the head of jade-tinted fiords amid snowcapped peaks and cascading waterfalls. These remote areas are invariably accessible only by ship or float plane. May / June and Sept. / Oct. are the most rewarding months but sightings are not uncommon throughout the summer.

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Grizzly Bear and Cub
Bear on rock
Black Bear on Rocks
Black Bear on Shore